Thursday, October 4, 2007

Stuff Bob Rock (Nick) and I Say...

...while playing online Scrabble.


Nick: imagine if they played board games in all those Bond movies instead of poker....

me: what would happen?

Nick: Bond-- Looks like you've landed on my bordwalk after I just put hotels on it. Maxamillion Largo-- Damn you Bond! I should have never let you be the banker!

* * *
me: the current shape on the board looks like a swastika melting. we're defeating the nazis as we're playing.

* * *
me: i just tried the word “moxine”. they say: invalid. i say: it's a buzz word i just coined.

Nick: so it acknowledges that it’s a real word but won't accept it.
I demand to speak to the manager!

* * *
Nick: they are talking about the fad paul started. paul McCartney put some song out and in it he nods and now everyone is nodding.

me: so now every time i nod, it's cause i'm copying sir paul?

Nick: see! see what a douche bag he is! trying to coin nodding!

me: fantastic. it's cause bob (dylan) has already claimed the 60s, so what's left for sir paul?

Nick: and so BOB (rock) will claim this decade or possibly a large chunk of the next with the last three years of this one

me: i'll claim foot-tapping. cause shakira snatched the hip-shaking.

* * *
me: ugly betty--not good at all. moralistic.

Nick: ugly betty?? I like spinach.

me: i figured, salma produced it, she produced frida, maybe it's good. did dumping edward and marrying an old dude mess up her standards?

Nick: I like it in soups and salads and inside of food. he’s actually only 4 years her senior.

me: oh.

Nick: didn't realize I like spinach so much. sometimes I shut my eyes and wish it was in more food.


sven said...

more! more!
još! još!

c.s said...

It's actually an old FRENCH dude, if you don't mind my saying so. What a great post, reminds me of the good times we had in Chicago. Kisses to Bob Rock and Sneža

c.s said...

And I love spinach too.

snezana said...

i'll see you clem and you sven soon--you'll be in zagreb in december-january, yes?