Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Nothing in particular but rather things in general bring about this little post.

What can a society that takes creativity for granted and undervalues its artists show for itself, other than a slew of mediocrity? A landfill of abandoned projects. Many talented people will successfully extinguish the urge to create and those who persist will not be necessarily the best ones, but merely the most tenacious or obsessed ones.

No matter how bad things get, artists should support one another, and also help each other rise above that mediocrity, not compete for scraps of attention.

These are interesting times, but I don't know anyone who feels that we live in a time of the great output of creative energy and exuberance. Still, I'm trying to work as if we do.

And I still have a lot of unfounded hope for 2012!