Monday, June 11, 2012


Me: leaning against a railing that surrounds a tree & some flowers on Montrose & Walcott in Chicago, (re)reading A Megaphone. A group of women (older than me; not sure how much, I'm bad at age-guessing) approaches the car parked right in front of me, they start getting in. (A big car, I want to say it's an SUV of some kind, there's four women.) One woman goes, "What's the book about?" "It's about women poets around the world and how they're struggling. And yet plowing on." Most women already in the car, the one talking to me says: "It's a thick book." "Well, the whole world is in it. Well, half of it." Already in her seat (next to the driver), she goes, "Okay, bye!" I had a feeling she was done with this conversation before I even said anything.

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